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 Commissoner (IPR)

Shri K. Radhakumar Singh, IAS

Director  (IPR) 

Shri Meghachandra Kongbam

Deputy Secretary (IPR)

Smt. Maibam Kamala,MCS 

Deputy Secretary (IPR)

Smt. Ch. Sachi Devi, MCS

Dy. Director (P&F)

Shri Chongtham Noyon Singh

The Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), Manipur, had its origin in the appointment of a Publicity Officer on November 1, 1949 to man a separate Publicity Office. Shri R. K. Maipaksana was the first Publicity Officer of the Publicity Office. The office was upgraded to a Directorate in March 1974 by the appointment of a Director and Ex-officio Secretary. Shri T.C. Tiankham, IAS, was the first Director of the Department. The Directorate was expanded in 1975 with the opening of District Information Offices. The District Information Offices were initially looked after by Reporters/Information Assistants till 5 posts of District Information Officer were created in 1978.

The functions of DIPR, Manipur, are to inform and educate people about the welfare and development activities undertaken by the Government and enlist their willing participation in the programmes of the Government, and also to provide feedback to the Government about the opinion of the people and their reaction to the policy, programmes and activities of the Government.