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News/Media Coverage :

DIPR carries out the following tasks for collection and/or dissemination of information relating to activities of the Government and for providing feedback to the Government:

  • News/Photo/Video coverage of State and National Functions and VVIP/VIP programmes and other important Government functions.
  • Press correspondences and arrangement of Press Conferences of VVIPs/VIPs.
  • Provision and installation of PA System for Government functions, VVIP/VIP Programmes, Press Conferences, etc.
  • Preparation of Press Clippings of critical news items/reports concerning the Government and their submission to the Authorities concerned for information and appropriate response.
  • Issue of Government Press Releases & Clarifications to the Local Press, News Agencies, AIR, DDK etc.
  • Opening and maintenance of Media Cells during Elections to Parliament, State Assembly, Zilla Parishads and District Councils.
  • Conduct of Press Tour for pressmen during elections or to important Government functions.

Publication :

The Publication Section of DIPR brings out the following publications regularly:

  • “Thakhaigee Chephong”, a fortnightly publication on current events concerning Government administration and activities.
  • “Manipur Today”, a multicolour publication in English on achievements of the Government and other relevant topics on the occasion of Republic Day, Khongjom Day and Independence Day.
  • The Manipur Government Wall Calendar and Diary every year.
  • Special Publications such as “Manipur at a Glance” and “Manipur Marching Ahead” relating to Manipur and achievements of the Government.

Issue of Advertisements :

Government advertisements are released to the local and national newspapers through the Department. Display advertisements are also released to Magazines and Souvenirs of different organisations related with the permission of the Government at the Government approved rates.

Advertisements are issued in accordance with the Manipur State  Advertisement Policy, 1994.