• 5 ways in which social media changes the workplace

    Changes in media drive shifts in people’s behavior. People share their deepest secrets on social media. We are all getting comfortable handling much more information about each other than we have ever before. The most…

  • Apple wants people to use its phones for retail payments

    Won’t topple credit cards TIMES VIEW By Sanjiv Shankaran Apple on Monday launched ‘Apple Pay’, a service that allows its iPhone customers to convert their phones into payment devices that rival cash or credit and…

  • Protesting hikes in internet charges may take a toll on cyber-hooked generation

    It is not surprising that youngsters in Kerala have come up with the idea of an internet hartal today, given that protest has often assumed strange and wonderful forms in the state, including the demonstration…


  • Budget 2015: Five most urgent reform priorities for Modi

    The government's upcoming annual budget will be a test of just how many big ideas Prime Minister Narendra Modi can squeeze into a narrow fiscal space.

    Curbing the federal deficit is the government's absolute priority on February 28. New Delhi is desperate to revive private investment, and the central bank has made it plain that it will only cut interest rates if belt-tightening continues. The medium-term target is to reduce the shortfall to 3 percent of GDP in two years, from an estimated 4.1 percent. That means the government must tighten its belt by at least half a percent of GDP over the next 12 months.