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Imphal, 24th April, 2017(DIPR): A 5-Day Awareness Workshop on E-Waste Management was inaugurated today by Shri Athem Muivah, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Senapati, at National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), Senapati Extension Centre.

The Workshop/Training is organised by NIELIT Senapati Scientist Office and mainly for the Government Employees of Senapati District. Altogether 60 employees are taking part in the workshop.

            Speaking at the inaugural function as Chief Guest, Shri Athem Muivah, IAS, said that e-waste is a new term for many and with the advancement of new technology many new electronic goods are also available in the market. Now it is revealed that mismanagement and improper disposal of different electronic items and gadgets has been causing lots of harm to human life and toxicity in water and food has increased to a great extent for failing to proper disposal of electronic items.

            The Chief Guest appealed to the participants to gather good knowledge and then disseminate the same to all friends/neighbours and whomever they come into contact, the importance of e-waste management.

            Shri Th. Prameshwor Singh, Executive Director, NEILIT, Imphal, in his Presidential address also spoke on management of e-waste life cycle. Appliances like mobile, radio, electric switch, kitchen gadgets etc., if not properly disposed can be hazardous to health. Dustbin in Green, Yellow and Red can be used for disposing different gadgets for e-waste management, he added. Further, he also said that 95% of e-waste can be reused by putting them into different stages of recycling process.

            During the Awareness Training of e-waste Management, the participants will be taught on different topics like e-waste and its composition, hazardous substances of e-waste, environmental and health hazards of e-waste and many more. As part of the programme, interactive session will also be held on daily basis to get feedback from the participants. (DIPR)